Education Code Sections 35183 and 35183.5 authorize school districts to adopt dress codes.
Students are expected to dress in a manner that reflects positively on themselves, their parents, and their school.  Consequences for violating dress code range from detention to suspension and possible referral to an alternative education site.

Unacceptable dress includes the following:

  • Baggy/ saggy pants
  • Showing underwear (bras, boxers, etc.)
  • Spaghetti strap (strap must completely cover the undergarment)
  • Thin wrap skirts
  • White muscle tank shirts/ underwear shirts
  • Backless shirts (shirts must cover the back entirely)
  • Bare midriff (stomach) may not be exposed
  • Strapless/ tube shirts/ off-shoulder or single strap garments
  • Excessively low-cut shirts
  • See-through clothing
  • Halter shirts or dresses
  • Slippers/ pajamas
  • Micro mini skirts or shorts (shorter than mid-thigh)
  • Clothing or jewelry with suggestive sexual words or symbols
  • Garments/ accessories displaying logos of racist groups or juvenile gangs, obscene language, vulgar gestures, racist, ethnic or sexual symbols or slurs or symbols of hate, prejudice, intolerance or discrimination, or symbol of the Iron Cross
  • Apparel advertising or resembling alcohol, tobacco, drugs, death, weapons, and/or
  • Wallet or waist chains
  • Spiked jewelry
  • Headgear (hats, bandannas, sweatbands, beanies, scarves, hoods, caps. rags)
  • Overalls that act as the straps of the shirt
  • Athletic spirit phrases with an inappropriate double entendre - teams are asked to get Assistant Principal approval prior to making spirit shirts
  • Any type of footwear that may put the student in danger of hurting themselves or others in accordance with health and safety laws

Changes to the Dress Code may be made necessary at any time during the year by the administration.  Students and parents will be notified of any changes through the school bulletin.