GH Attendance Office
Student Support Center
The Attendance Office is located in the main lobby of the Student Support Center.

Alisha Howe - Attendance Clerk

  • If your student was or will be ABSENT ALL DAY

  • Please call (619) 593-5533

  • If your student needs to be RELEASED EARLY

  • Please call (619) 593-5531

  • For all other inquiries regarding attendance

  • Please call (619) 593-5532


Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do when my student is absent?


Call the all day absence line 619-593-5533, leave a detailed message with your students name, id number, date of absence and reason for absence. 

If for some reason you cannot call, you can also email, or send your student with a note for attendance on the day they return to school. 


When do I need to notify the attendance office of my student’s absence?


Absenses MUST be cleared within 72 hrs before they are considered truant. *District Administrative Regulation 5121


Who listens to the attendance voicemails?


The attendance tech is the only staff member that listens to the voicemails for all day absences. Students are not legally allowed to listen to voicemails. If you do not want to leave a sensitive message, please notify the front desk that you need to speak to attendance directly.


What do I do when I need to pick up my student early?


The best way to ensure that your student leaves on time is to send them with a note in the morning. If that is not possible, please call the early release line 619-593-5531 and give the office 10-15 minutes to get your student out of class. Please keep in mind that if your student is in PE, it could take an additional 15-20 minutes to get them out of class. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your student may not leave campus prior to being checked out through attendance. Once your student leaves campus, they are considered truant. Calling after your student leaves campus will not excuse them. 


What do I do when I need to pick up my student early during finals?


Attendance DOES NOT deliver early release slips during finals. It is best to send your student with a note in the morning to obtain their early release slip BEFORE they go to their scheduled final.


I called attendance in the morning, why is my student’s attendance still not updated?


Call volume in the attendance office can be upwards of 250 calls/voicemails per day. Please allow 24-48 hours to make all changes to attendance.


I received a notification that my student was marked absent, but my student was in class, how do I fix this?


The best way to see what class your student was marked absent from is to download the Infinite Campus Parent app. You can check attendance and email teachers directly from the app. 


My student is on the Loss of Privilage (LOP) list for attendance, how do they make up attendance?

  • For all day unexcused absences or truancies, attendance can be made up by serving 4 consecutive hours in a Saturday School.

  • For single period truancies and tardies please see VP for more info.

  • It is important to note that these interventions exist to correct attendance issues. Please discuss the importance of positive attendance habits with your student. 

  • Check the LOP list here