IB courses are not intended to replace AP offerings at Granite Hills. 

Each program offers rigorous classes designed to earn credit and recognition for students seeking highly selective colleges and universities. What differentiates IB from AP is the comprehensive nature of the Diploma Program. IB students will take advanced courses in every content area, with a global focus to the curriculum. 

IB Diploma candidates are also required to complete an independent research paper of 4,000 words they will work on throughout their junior and senior years. There is a community service component to the IB Diploma, requiring a minimum 150-hour commitment over 18 consecutive months during the 11th and 12th grades. Diploma candidates are also required to complete Theory of Knowledge, a seminar style course designed to foster an understanding of the different ways of knowing across the disciplines.

In short, a successful IB student must meet the challenge of the most rigorous curriculum in the world. The objective of IB at GHHS is to develop young adults who will be leaders in an increasingly competitive global society. 

AP courses will continue to represent an attractive college-prep course of study for students who desire more flexibility in their class schedules.


 Exams are graded externally through ETS and  student marks assigned.
 Exams based on specific content of courses. Emphasis is on multiple choices.
 Students do not have to be enrolled in an  authorized school.
 National educators determine policies.
 Individual exams are taken on a single day.

 College level courses
 Students generally take AP exams in areas of  strength.
 Encourages academically talented students.
 Fifteen individual courses of instruction at  GHHS.
 Individual exam scores more widely accepted  for college credit in the US.


 Scores include teacher assessments as well as  external assessments constructed and graded  by educators from throughout the world.
 Exams based on broad, general understanding  of concepts and fundamental themes. Exam  questions emphasize essay writing.
 Students must be enrolled in an authorized IB  school.
 International educators determine policies.
 Multiple measures, including essays and  exams, are administered throughout the  school year.

 Comprehensive curriculum of college-level work.
 Six exams in six subject areas are required for the IB Diploma. Students must prepare in all areas: strengths as well as weaknesses.
 Encourages academically talented and highly motivated students.
 GHHS offers Thirteen courses in six subject areas. TOK, CAS, and extended essay also required.
 Recognized as the most challenging curriculum a school can offer. Diploma candidates and recipients receive higher rates of admission at selective universities.