• Michelle Tribble - IB History
  • Julie Schorr - IB French
To complete the IB Diploma, students must take one course from each subject area 1-5 and a sixth course from either group 6 or an additional course offering from groups 1-5. Three to four subjects must be taken at Higher Level (HL) and two to three subjects must be taken at Standard Level (SL).

Additionally, students must complete the IB Core: Creativity, Action, Service (CAS); the Theory of Knowledge course (TOK); and the Extended Essay (EE).

Exams are scored on a 1-7 point scale and there are three extra points that can be achieved with the grades earned on the EE and TOK essay for a total of 45 points. The Diploma is earned with a total score of 24 points; UC schools offer significant credit for a score of 30 points.
Circular graphic visualization for the IB Diploma Programme. Sections say; Language Acquisition, Studies in Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Mathematics, The Arts, Sciences, Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, Creativity, Action, Service, Approaches to Teaching, Approaches to Learning.