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College Bound

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Quick Tips for Dorm Life:

  1. Make a habit of washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, and using Clorox wipes often. Pink Eye goes around a couple times a year and it spreads from surface contact to hands and it's very common for a majority of a floor to get it at the same time. Be diligent and have good hygiene!
  2. Talk to your roommate and come to an agreement about keeping your door locked when you are not in there. Theft is an issue in the residence halls.
  3. Do not leave money, jewelry, iPod, phones, or computers in plain sight when you leave your room.
  4. Always bring your laptop home with you when you go home for the weekend.
  5. Don't keep any sentimental expensive valuables in your dorm room.
  6. Freshmen: When you fill out your dorm check list on move in day, WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. A scratch on the desk, a stain on the bulletin board, a crack on the mirror, a dent in the blinds, a mark on the walls, tape marks on the door, etc., are all things you can be charged for at the end of the year so take precautions.
  7. If you don't bunk the beds, raise them up to the top level of rungs. Do this first before you bring anything up or make the beds so you have room to move. For this you will probably need a hammer. Then, you can fit the fridge under one of the beds. You may also use bed risers if using the rungs does not bring your bed up high enough to your liking.
  8. Take your computer with you to Summer Welcome and if you are purchasing it at Summer Welcome, make sure you take the time to have Tiger Tech set it up for you. They will set up your email account among many other resources.
  9. Fill out the form for Earlybird Textbook orders. If you do, all you have to do in August is tell them your name and student ID number and they will already have all of your books for the semester boxed up and ready to take to your room.
  10. Remember, you will only have 2 1/2 drawers to use and one closet. Pack only what you absolutely need because you can always bring down more clothes later. Don't bring any winter stuff down until around Halloween.

Happy Shopping and good luck this school year!



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