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World Languages

The Granite Hills High School World Languages department offers up to four years course of study in both Spanish and French.

The path to college and beyond...

Entry to four year colleges and universities is increasingly competitive. All California public universities require world language proficiency.

CSU California State University: minimum 2 years (three strongly recommended) in a single language.
A-G requirements
UC  University of California: minimum of 3 years in a single language.
A-G requirements
Advanced Placement

 Advanced Placement (AP) prepares students for the AP test in Spanish or French. Successful students enter college with world language credits.
 International Baccalaureate (IB) French is a four year path toward standalone IB language certification or the IB diploma. IB is a prestigious program recognized world-wide and offers students a competitive edge when applying for university entrance.
biliteracy seal  Biliteracy Seal on a student's diploma indicates highly desirable language proficiency to both schools and employers. The seal is earned by passing AP or taking four years of the same language, showing proficiency in English language arts on the CSTs and a 3.0 GPA or higher overall in world language.


  • Optional trips abroad for language practice.
  • Local field trips, e.g., museums to study Spanish and French art.
  • Local excursions to sample French food. 
  • In-class activities enhancing learning: films, food, music, dance, theatre. Project-based learning: travel planning, skits and role-playing.
  • Use of technology to demonstrate mastery of Language.


  • Spanish or French 1C/2C 
  • Spanish or French 3C/4C
  • Spanish Native Speakers 3C/4C
  • Spanish or French 5H/6H
  • AP Spanish
  • IB Spanish/IB French
The world that speaks Spanish and French