IB Subject Areas

IB Teachers

Joni Mah (English 12)
Rachel McCurry (English 11)
Teresa Richards (English 11)
Julie Schorr (French)
Alexandra Grant (Spanish)
Danny Root (History 11)
Michelle Tribble (History 12)
Jeff McDade (Psychology)
Lindsey Engle (Biology)
Curtis McKenzie (ESS 11/12)
Susan Rosson (Math. Studies)
Wayne Tribble (Math. Studies)
Sandra Sweat (Mathematics)
Matthew Davis (Film)
James Chatham (Theatre)
Caralyn Hamilton (Visual Arts)
Ronald Whitney (TOK)

To complete the IB Diploma, students must take one course from each subject area 1-5 and a sixth course from either group 6 or an additional course offering from groups 1-5. Three to four subjects must be taken at Higher Level (HL) and two to three subjects must be taken at Standard Level (SL).

Additionally, students must complete the IB Core: Creativity, Action, Service (CAS); the Theory of Knowledge course (TOK); and the Extended Essay (EE).

Exams are scored on a 1-7 point scale and there are three extra points that can be achieved with the grades earned on the EE and TOK essay for a total of 45 points. The Diploma is earned with a total score of 24 points; UC schools offer significant credit for a score of 30 points.

Granite Hills High School offers the following subjects:

                              Group 1 — Language A1
                            English A1 HL
                        Group 2 — Second Language                                           
French SL/HL
                            Spanish SL/HL

                        Group 3 — Individuals and Societies

                            History of the Americas HL
                            *Environmental Systems
                                and Societies SL

                        Group 4 — Experimental Sciences                                                                                    

  Biology SL
                            *Environmental Systems
                                and Societies SL

                        Group 5 — Mathematics
                            Math. Studies SL (statistics)
                            Mathematics SL (calculus)

                        Group 6 — Arts and Electives

                            Film HL
                            Theatre HL
                            Visual Arts Option A SL
                            Visual Arts Option B SL

            *Cross-disciplinary subject can be used to fulfill either,
                but not both, group area requirements.