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Registrar: Stacy Barry
(619) 593-5530
To request a transcript, fill out the necessary form located in the lobby/ reception area of the Student Support Center.
Electronic transcripts will be processed BEGINNING Tuesday, August 8th.  If you need your transcript sooner, you may come into Granite Hills and see any administrator.  
Former students must request their own records by clicking on the link above.
A transcript request form must include the following:
  1. Full legal name used while attending Granite Hills High School (Maiden name).
  2. Year of graduation or last year of attendance.
  3. Full date of birth (Month/ Day/ Year).
  4. Email and phone number where you can be reached.
  5. Complete address of where you would like your transcript mailed.
  6. The fee is $2 per transcript.  Your payment can be made through the Electronic Transcript Request form.  Please note we do not accept American Express.
Forms with missing information will not be processed.
Businesses requesting verification of attendance or graduation must fax requests to Mrs. Barry at 619-588-9389.  The request must include the following:
  • A signed Release of Information from the person you are requesting information on.  Please note electronic signatures are not accepted.
  • Name used while attending Granite Hills High School
  • Year of graduation or last year of attendance
  • Date of birth (Month/ Day/ Year)