Nurse: Danielle Garcia
Nurse's Office Hours: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
Authorization of Medication Letter
Dear Parent or Guardian:
RE: 2017-18 School Year
Some students need to take medication during the school day. If this applies to your son/daughter, please have your physician complete the attached "Authorization for Medication Administration"form. This form needs to be completed on an annual basis.
Other students need to carry emergency or life-sustaining medication or equipment on their person (i.e., inhaler, insulin, epi-pen, blood glucose testing equipment). If this applies to your son/daughter, your physician also needs to complete the attached "Authorization for Medication Administration" form on an annual basis.
If your son/daughter is administering his/her own blood glucose tests, you'll be requested to
complete an additional form. You may obtain this form from the Health Office at your student's
Even if school personnel aren't dispensing medication to your son/daughter, it's critical that the
site LVN ensures the proper handling and disposal of medical supplies and equipment.
If you have any questions about these procedures, please phone the LVN at your
son's/daughter's school.
Maureen Durand, RNP-MSN  Linnea Goldberg, RN, BSN, MS
District Nurse District Nurse