The Granite Hills High School counseling team is committed to providing educational, social and emotional support as a vehicle to assist students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners.
Granite Hills High School Vision Statement
We are a community of active learners empowered to navigate today's challenges and create opportunities for tomorrow.
Meet the Granite Hills High School Guidance Staff


If you are interested in attending a college presentation for one or more of the following, please click COLLEGE PRESENTATIONS to sign up for the presentation you are interested in attending: 

  • UC Santa Barbara - October 19, Period 2 (8:30)
  • Grand Canyon University - October 19, Period 4
  • Colorado State University - October 19, Student Lunch
  • International College of Liberal Arts University in Japan - October 20, Student Lunch
  • FIDM - October 24, Period 4
  • Ohio State, October 25, Period 4
  • University of Redlands - October 31, Period 3 (9:30)
Erin Burke, Counselor 
A photograph of Lisa Statley   A photograph of Guadalupe Sturgeon
 Erin Burke
Counselor, A-C
(619) 593-5546
Lisa Statley
Counselor, D-Hi
 (619) 593-5548
Guadalupe Sturgeon
Counselor, Ho-Moo
(619) 593-5528
A photograph of Susan Lusk 
 Sarah DerOvanesian
A photograph of Pete Grisafi
A photograph of Summer Lambert
  Susan Lusk
(619) 593-5543
 Sarah DerOvanesian
Tuesdays - Fridays
(619) 593-5539
Pete Grisafi
Counselor, Sh-Z
(619) 593-5539
 Summer Lambert
Social Worker
(619) 593-5575

A photograph of Glenn Recanser 
A photograph of Marilyn Morse
Kathy Dizney
 Glenn Recasner
Academic Advisor, A-K
(619) 593-5541
Marilyn Morse
Academic Advisor, L-Z
(619) 593-5544
Kathy Dizney
Guidance Secretary
(619) 593-5540